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I am Goddess Mia your pretty sensual mature foot model and foot fetish session professional. I am currently located and available locally in Denver and I also travel to Las Vegas, New York and I am open to suggestions and generous hosting options. See Below for menu


I have worked in the Foot Fetish industry for 4 years. I have high arches, long toes, and great scent keep her a favorite for many clients. I stand at 5 foot 3 inches tall and a perfect size 7 and a half arched foot. I am based in Denver but has foot fetish clients all over the world and tend to travel to Las Vegas and NYC! I specialize in sensual foot worship sessions. I am great with newbies, and upscale gents alike. See FAQ, Rates and photos for more info. Sessions are 30 mins and up. 



*Again I am not an escort and do not offer sexual services

*Straight foot worship session

*Clean Feet Session :: You may kiss my feet, lick my feet, suck my feet, nibble my feet, and pretty much anything you want to do with your mouth and hands to my feet.

*Stinky feet session :: Same as above but  I will get them very nice and sweaty and stinky (tennis shoe stink), and let you sniff away. You can take my shoes off and have at it.

*Stocking or socks session :: I will come with requested stocking or socks worn or clean.

*High heels or stiletto session :: I have many pairs of heels and shoes, stilettos up to seven and a half inches.

*Pedal pumping :: If you are familiar then I don't need to describe it for you.

*Shoe Shopping session :: Contact me for full details

*Dinner drinks and footsies :: Contact me for full details

*Smoking Fetish




Foot Fetish Services









*Again I am not an escort and do not offer sexual services

*Straight foot worship session

*Clean Feet Session

*Stinky feet session



*Puppy training

*Stocking or socks session

*High heels or stiletto session

*Pedal pumping

*Smoking Fetishes

*Make a request







Foot Worship Session

Let's play...make a request

Let me send you to a state of euphoria indulging in licking my Soles, kissing my feet and massaging them.

Clean Feet Session

I will have fresh out of the shower clean feet ready for you to pamper.

Stinky Feet Session

Looking for that straight out of the boot aroma. Let me know the level of stinky feet you are looking to worship.

Stocking or Socks Session

I will be happy to accommodate this fetish. Please be specific when contacting me about this fantasy.

High Heels or Stiletto Session

Do you love watching a woman walk in high heels? Maybe its boots, flip flops or ballet flats. I am happy to accommodate.


*You may also make polish color requests. I will do our best to accommodate*











Denver only Boulder and other suburbs require drive fee

15 minute quick visit : $50

Half Hour Taste : $100

One Hour Session : $200

Two Hour Obsession Session :$390

*These rates are introductory. I will make you aware of rate changes when it happens


You may order worn items from me. A photo will be taken of Me wearing them and all items will be sealed in a zip lock bag and mailed to you. I will discuss rates to ship, we may send regular express or overnight. Please desire the number of days/ how strong of a scent you would like.

Worn Socks: $100

Worn Stocking: $150

Very used Flats: $200

Very used heels: $250

Very used boots: $350

Other ways to spoil your goddess is by visiting her page and purchasing items off of my Amazon wish list.

And of course cash is king and you may gift through circle pay you. Contact me for details.



Various gift cards are also appreciated :)

Foot worship rates



Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worshipping or podophilia, is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts and is more prevalent in men than women. - Wikipedia





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